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About me

My name ist Barbara Steyrer-Fauth and I am a General Practioner.

I  specialize in treating patients with chronic diseases and cancer, who are seeking a holistic approach in addition to their conventional treatment on the path to health.

I also offer a holistic health check, including the body examination but also psychological aspects and the social environment.

Between conventional, complimentary medicine and old wisdom, I consider myself a translater, and support my patients on their very personal and individual path to health.

With the conviction that all that knowledge is allowed to exist next to eachother, I support my patients on their very personal and individal path to health.

I am thankful for my scientific knowledge as a trained physician and the knowledge that there are many different factors and powers contributing to the healing process.

Working with different approaches to help the individual is of high importance to me.

My significant experience in different fields is my big advantage.